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Electric Mirror turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. No longer is a mirror simply for looking at your reflection. With Electric Mirror you now have the world at your fingertips.


Electric Mirror’s maintenance-free options dramatically reduce landfill waste, and save hotels money by providing products that have a service life 3 to 5 times longer than a standard lighted mirror. Eliminate lamp landfill waste and reduce your product maintenance costs.

Lower Cost:

Our E-Life long lasting lamps are the innovative result of combining a high-end ballast with a long-lasting lamp, resulting in an 8-year life on all Electric Mirror lighted products. The lamp life of our competitors is typically 2-3 years, so Electric Mirrors lamps provide dramatically lower costs in the long-run.

Low-Mercury Lamps:

In our continuing mission to protect the environment, our low-mercury lamps protect the atmosphere by greatly reducing the negative impact of mercury that fluorescent lighting brings. Low-mercury lamps are standard in all Electric Mirror lighted products.


Electric Mirror’s newest invention, EnergyLite™, provides the same light output but uses half of the electricity. EnergyLite™ saves the environment while saving money.

LED Lighting:

Electric Mirror leads the industry in reducing environmental footprints by incorporating LED technology into its lighted mirrors and lighted mirror TVs.

Night Light:

An Electric Mirror Night Light provides soft ambiance at low-energy, while gently illuminating a bathroom. By incorporating the Night Light into the lighted mirror, we’ve eliminated the need to leave the overhead bathroom light on all night. The intuitive, long-life LED automatically comes on when the bathroom lights are off, allowing the guest to move about the bathroom without the brightness of the overhead lighting.

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