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Benefits of Showering

Generally, there are two different types of people when it comes to taking daily showers; those that see it purely as functional and tackle each process methodically and as quickly as possible and those that lavish in the experience, indulging in a few extra minutes under the steam.

Whichever type you may be, showering has now become part of our daily routine, but have you considered the benefits beyond hygiene and cleanliness? Research shows that showering provides numerous benefits to both body and mind.

Morning showers

Energy Morning showers are a great way to give you the rejuvenating burst of energy you need to start your day.

Washes away toxins While we sleep, toxins are discarded from our system through our sweat. Taking a shower in the morning washes them away.

Decreases stress If you wake with a racing heart, stressing about the overwhelming number of things you have to do that day, then taking a morning shower is a great way to alleviate this feeling. Taking a colder shower increases our intake of oxygen. Increasing the oxygen supply to the brain decreases stress levels.

Relieves a cough If you are suffering from a cough, taking a shower in the morning may give you some relief. The steam from a warm morning shower will loosen the mucus that accumulates while we sleep and put you at ease within minutes.

Improved blood circulation Morning showers improve your blood’s circulation. The running water causes your blood to rush to your skins surface. Good blood circulation plays an important role in our health as proper blood circulation contributes to the transferring of nutrients to parts of your body. When your body is lacking good circulation, conditions such as hypertension and varicose veins can occur. This is why hydrotherapy, a therapeutic use of water, is a common tool to improve blood circulation.

Night Showers

Improved sleep  Research shows that taking a shower before bed will help you fall asleep more easily. In an article in, Abigail Abrams explains that body temperature is a key component in regulating circadian rhythm, the inner clock that tells the body when to feel sleepy or wide-awake. By warming the body, you can help bring on sleep as long as there’s enough time to cool down afterwards. Taking a warm relaxing shower about an hour and a half before you go to bed is the perfect way to help you drift-off.

A clean bed Do you really want to sleep with all the grime, sweat and germs you have picked up during the day? Showering before slipping into bed ensures you won’t be stewing all night with the dirt you gathered all day. A pre-bed shower will also reduce the amount of laundry you have to do, if you are clean and fresh before you climb in to bed.

Better skin According to the National Sleep Foundation, washing your face before bed helps reduce breakouts, improves your moisturiser’s efficiency, helps prevents wrinkles and lessens your chance of eye infections. This may not be exclusive to showering but doing them together is much easier.

Improved morning routine A morning shower is certainly a great way to wake you up, but so is a cold splash of water on the face and a cup of coffee. By taking you daily shower in the evening, you free up time in the morning for other things – be it meditation, reading, quality time with the family or simply an extra half hour of sleep.

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