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Design Insights from Waypoint Living Spaces

Entertain in Style

Entertain In Style

Waypoint’s selection of door styles, finishes and details can make more than just a beautiful statement in your dining room. With Waypoint® organizational products, you can easily design a hutch that matches your style and way of life.

Dark Colors In Kitchens are cool, but contrast is very hot

Many award-winning color schemes in kitchen design include at least one dark color as a strong accent. What’s new is the use of depth and juxtaposition—the dark colors are offset with lighter wood finishes or brighter colors and offer visually entertaining and appealing levels of contrast.

Add space, storage and style with banquettes

In the life of any home owner or designer, there comes a time when everyone asks the same question – “How can I add more seating and storage space and still maintain the open, stylish feel of this kitchen?” The answer is: Banquettes.

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