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Smart. Simple. Responsibly Green.

Skydrop was designed for smart, responsible, environmentally-conscious homeowners and professionals — like you — who are passionate about a gorgeous lawn that will make all the neighbors green with envy… but not as green as your lawn.


Using adaptive algorithms to generate custom and dynamic watering schedules from your weather data, Skydrop automatically determines the optimal watering schedule for each one of your lawn’s zones.


Skydrop adjusts watering cycles, duration and frequency to keep your yard healthy in any weather condition. It does all the work for you!


Skydrop maximizes water conservation while maintaining beautiful landscapes. This sleek, compact device also calculates the moisture in your soil and knows how much water a landscape is losing, and when.

Set each zone according to soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, slope and shape. This allows you to water deeply and infrequently while using less water to maintain healthy root growth — the key to a thicker, greener lawn.


Skydrop does it all. Automatically. So you don’t have to. Welcome to a more intelligent way of watering.

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