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Build Your Smart Kitchen With Wellborn

What has happened since the time of your grandmother’s kitchen and basic appliances to add more value and make a homeowner’s life easier? Refrigerators and the average kitchen appliance can do more today for you than ever before.

As you look to build, renovate or update a kitchen for your real-life needs, it is time to do some homework on the type of technology now available in kitchen appliances and gadgets. Not only can such technology and upgrades increase your enjoyment of your kitchen but they can help save you money, support a healthy lifestyle, and bring families closer.

Get the scoop on the useful kitchen technologies on the market to make a homeowner’s life more convenient and save them money over the lifetime of their use. Even at the time of the sale, smart kitchen improvements can really make a difference in the minds of tech-savvy buyers, making your home stand out among the competition.

Some people haven’t mastered cooking, and that’s fine. In fact, new kitchen gadgets have come out to make it easy to cook meals perfectly. Never serve a tough chicken breast or ruin a salmon filet again, thanks to the Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan, a device that does all of the timing for you. It checks the temperature of a cooking meal and tells you when it is done, which can be a godsend for cooks distracted by children and phone calls. It works with the Pantelligent app to give you the details you need, enabling meals to be cooked to perfection with minimal risk. This is only one example of how an unassuming kitchen necessity has been transformed to work with today’s digital technology.

The Internet of Things or IoT is a wonderful change coming to homes and kitchen applications. It seems like there are apps for anything that can add value to gadgets and appliances around the home. A Prep Pad is another tool and home gadget that gives you the nutritional details you want to make healthier meals and achieve health goals. A little tech help for healthy eating is a welcome and convenient addition to the kitchen. Apps and IoT are helping your mother’s frying pan, food scale and other kitchen gadgets do more than one would have ever thought possible. It is not only these basics that have received a technological overhaul seemingly overnight. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator transforms an unassuming refrigerator into a digital command center, communicating with family members while organizing groceries and tasks. Larger kitchen appliances like refrigerators have went and become smart but the reach of smart technologies have penetrated further into the sophisticated development of a wide variety of kitchen appliances and gadgets.

It appears that a smart tech revolution has finally occurred to the all things kitchen. As Stefano Marangoni, founder of Thingk, said: “A couple of years ago, we understood that the home appliances market was not involved in the cultural revolution that, thanks to Steve Jobs, changed the hi tech world. So, we started to work to propose on this market segment high quality materials, very good design and an essential, modern user interface, using several types of detectors (touch, gesture etc).”

As iPads made their way into the kitchen, innovators looked to capitalize on potential applications, marrying digital technologies to the most basic of kitchen gadgets and appliances. Go beyond looking up a recipe with a tablet or smartphone and understand that the digital devices in our lives can now support the needs of home cooks and families across America in new and innovative ways.

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